Friday, 2 December 2016

Step one

It's 2:30 and I can't sleep, I had hoped to sleep better once the mortgage was sorted but it appears not.

Still, step one has been accomplished the old mortgage has been paid off with the new one. This reduces our mortgage repayments from almost £800  a month down to £250 a month. This gives us a little bit of wriggle room whilst we plan our next step.

All the Christmas presents have been ordered, those that have arrived have been hidden. One of the dgs's has a birthday before Christmas. His present has also been bought.

We have our 12 yo dgs here tonight, Saturday we have 4 dgc's staying from about 5ish overnight until lunchtime Sunday, I'm not expecting to get much sleep! I have meals and entertainment planned, it's not as posh as it sounds. There is enough in the cupboards and freezer to cater for everybody's tastes and as for entertainment, I've spent the last week collecting paper offcuts from the guillotine and I have some glue sticks, we will be making paperchains ready for Christmas. We will make some biscuits too and ice them, very messy but great fun.

A friend recently lost his mother, a blessed relief I feel as she spent the last few years confused, aggressive and confined to bed, dementia is a bastard of a disease.
My friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer seems to have come through surgery and is on the mend.

And now I will go and make a cuppa, then maybe I can sleep.

My Day

5:30 Get up, boil kettle, empty dishwasher, make 2 cups of tea, one each for my L&M and I, take his tea up to him.

6:00 Get washed & dressed, back downstairs, feed fish, make packed lunch, make 2nd cups of tea, make bacon sandwich and toast.

6:15 Drive to work, scream abuse at driver who nearly takes me out at the roundabout, despite it being my right of way. Start pc, and start machines running with first jobs, go to staff room to make coffee. No milk, curse bursar who economises by never buying enough. 

7:00 Fill machines, drink black coffee, check emails, set next ten jobs running.

7:30 Help staff with copier and print jobs for morning lessons. Calm down staff member who has planned for the wrong lesson.

8:30 Set more print jobs running.

9:30 Training course in the main hall on the new performance management software, otherwise known as ‘another way to ensure we don’t get a pay rise’.

10:30 Return to room to find 2 machines jammed and 4 staff having hysterics, squabbling over the one remaining working machine. Sort out machines and staff, set next ten print jobs running.

11:30 Two staff members start rowing, one storms out I’m left with the one in tears, pass him the tissues I keep in my office for just this sort of thing. Not sure why staff leader thought my room was the place to tell NQT that they need to try harder!

12:00-12:30 Lunch break, read Christmas Carol on my Kindle as other staff have had to make up the time they missed whilst on the training course, I should probably also work through my break but I don't.
1:00 Set more jobs running, laminate signs and posters, fill machines, help staff print jobs for the afternoon lessons, compared commiserate with staff member who is feeling unwell, 
fill shelves, tidy room.
2:00 Leave work, drive home, hang washing to dry, wash another load, prep evening meal, make beds in spare room ready for the weekend.
3:00 Collect my L&M from work. Make a pot of tea and share with him.
4:00 Take my L&M to catch bus, fill car with fuel, buy loaf.
4:30 Order last Christmas presents, fall asleep.
5:10 Wake up, cook meal, eat mine, plate up one for my L&M.
6:10 Clear up, wash up, fold dry washing and put away, sweep stairs.
7:30 Check email, read blogs, write blog, read Kindle.
9:30 Set off to collect my L&M
10:00 Sit with my L&M while he eats his meal, clear up.
10:30 Go to bed
Rinse and repeat.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Reality Shows

I don't watch them, I don't watch the ones about wannabe celebrities such as the Kardashians, and I don't watch the ones that purport to be competitions, The Apprentice etc. I don't even watch the DIY or gardening ones.
I don't for one minute believe they are real, they are mainly staged and scripted and then cut to get the finish required.
A few years ago I worked with someone who's spouse was involved with a well known show where houses were refurbished in a very short time.
These refurbishments were actually filmed over a week, none of the work was actually achieved in the time claimed.

And he needs therapy, why?

My L&M got a bollocking on Monday from his line manager, for not replacing the battery in a piece of equipment.
He explained that the equipment in question didn't take batteries it ran off the mains and the mains to the equipment had been turned off due to flooding.
His line manager refused to believe him so he had to take the cover off and prove there was no battery.

On Tuesday my L&M was setting out tables and chairs for an exam, he was called away to move a puddle in the car park (it was raining very hard). He said he's do it as soon as he'd finished setting up the exam. He was told to do it immediately as it was a health and safety issue. So he got piddling wet through sweeping away a puddle that was reforming as quick as he could sweep it away and the exam was late being set up.

On Thursday my L&M went to his 2nd group therapy, the hogger left soon after the session started as he was told he had to let others speak.

My L&M used the examples above to explain what caused his work related stress.
The group were asked for suggestions to help my L&M.
The first suggestion was to go to his line managers manager.
My L&M has done this but has been told that he must follow his line managers instructions.
The 2nd suggestion was to go to someone higher up.
My L&M has done this and been told that the decision has been made, he can live with it or leave.
The 3rd suggestion was that my L&M approach HR to see if there is any help there.
MY L&M replied, 'I would but we only have one staff member dealing with HR & she is off sick with stress!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Saving money

No more Sky TV, so that is one saving. The Grand Prix finished last weekend, I cancelled it immediately afterwards.

I'm shopping around for Christmas gifts for the grandchildren, I'm looking to spend about £10 - £15 per child. One grandchild has a birthday between now and Christmas, I've ordered a set of walkie talkies for him £12.99.

I found an offer on Amazon for an interactive Freddy Teddy, £7.99 as long as I ordered other items to the value of £40. The walkie talkies, a carry case for my L&M and a couple of books on my kindle soon came to that.

Other gifts so far, I've bought or that I am regifting, a 2nd hand Donald Duck, a friendship bracelet kit, a bottle of Polish vodka, a box of Lindt Christmas chocolates.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Lazy Sunday

Lazy day today, DGD had a bad night, she has a very bad cough, I ended up sleeping in with her from 3am. That way every time she coughed I was able to pass her a glass of water and pull the covers up over her to warm her up and then the coughing abated.

She was still up and about just after 6, she had dippy eggs for breakfast and I took her home about 11ish and fed DS's cats on the way home.

I've managed to get two loads of washing washed and dried over the radiators today, so my L&M have all our work clothes ready for next week.

We had visitors pop in for a chat at 1:30, when they left we watched the Grand Prix that we had recorded.
Sky will be cancelled tomorrow now the GP has finished.

No real cooking for me next week, my L&M's shifts means he won't want an evening meal, I will make do with jacket potatoes or egg on toast.

Back to work tomorrow and back to trying to persuade the solicitors to do the job they are charging me an arm and a leg not to do!

Saturday, 26 November 2016


My L&M and I went out last night to a quiz night, it was well organised and well run though my enjoyment was somewhat marred by a misogynistic twat who joined my team.

The quiz didn't finish until 11 so we had a late night and then an early start this morning as my L&M had to work this morning.

I dropped my L&M at work then went to DD2's to give her a lift to work, as her husband coaches DGS's football team on Saturday mornings I bring 2 year old Suzy back to my house so she isn't stuck on a cold pitch all morning.

This morning DGD Norah, eight, had a nasty cough so I offered to have her at my house too, she also missed her turn at staying over night in Friday as we were out.

Not wanting to be left out, dgd Eileen, five, looked at me appealingly, so I offered to take all three of them.

'It will be fine' I said, 'I won't go out at all we will do some needle felting and make some biscuits'.

As I set of for home with all three dgd's in the car I suddenly remembered that I needed to buy some bread, to make my L&M some sandwiches for his lunch. So all three girls went into the bakers with me with me and were allowed choose a treat, they decided on malt loaf that would be sliced and toasted when we got home.

Then I remembered I needed to go to the sorting office  in the next village to pick up two parcels. There is no parking near the sorting office, so I had to park in a nearby car park and persuade all three girls to walk crocodile style along narrow pavements. Norah walked nicely, Eileen twerked all the way there and back, Suzy was most put out that she had to hold my hand and wasn't allowed to run.

Once the parcels were collected we set off for home, then I remembered that I was feeding DS's cats today and tomorrow. So we stopped at DS's house, the cats were nowhere to be seen, but they were probably scared off by the racket the three girls made singing a Christmas song, I'm not convinced they were even all singing the same song!

We eventually made it home and I made my L&M some sandwiches, then it was all three girls back into coats and shoes and back in the car to deliver grandpa's lunch. All went well until we went to leave and Suzy realised the grandpa wasn't coming home yet. She roared and cried all the way home. Fortunately the promise of toasted malt loaf distracted her eventually.

Finally we got round to needle felting, colouring and biscuit making, we made chocolate chip cookies, the easiest to make with a two year old helping!