Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I want to thwack someone

A day of high's and low's today, I was in the courtyard at work today when a child barged past me, I stopped him and told him he wasn't allowed in that area.
'Prove it' he said 'I want you to phone a member of staff and prove I'm not allowed here'.
I showed him my ID and said 'I am a member of staff'.
'Well I don't recognise you' he replied.
So I said 'Well I recognise you and you are in trouble'.
At this he told me to fuck off and ran away, to my great joy our assistant head appeared and when I described the child she knew exactly who I meant and deprived him of the rest of his lunch break. I'd still rather have thwacked him.

I've had my car looked at and repaired £20 to have part of my exhaust replaced. It's a local garage, a bit rough and ready but they are very good. I usually see the owner (I looked after his dog last year when he went home to Poland for a wedding), but he wasn't there today.
The office was locked up but a  huge man with a beard was sat in a car, he didn't appear to speak any English apart from 'OK' but I handed over my keys.
It was only as I was sat on the bus coming home I suddenly wondered if he was an employee or just a passing car thief.
I text my son who used to work there and he reassured me, 'That will be his mechanic, he's huge but very shy'. What a relief!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Use it up, two meals made.

I have to take my car to be sorted out tomorrow and I will be home late, hence 2 meals being cooked tonight.

I had 3 small slices of ham left and a punnet of mushroom that were past their best.
I used 2 onions thinly sliced and divided them between a frying pan and my pressure cooker.
I added half a punnet of mushrooms to each pan and softened them over a low heat.
I then added a tblspoon of flour to each pan and stirred it in.

To one pan I added some milk, just under half a pint at a guess, I stirred this so it didn't go lumpy and then added to slices of ham cut in to small pieces.
I cooked some pasta in another pan. The pasta and sauce were both ready at the same time and we ate that this evening. There is enough left for tomorrows packups.

I added some beef skirt to the pressure cooker, some herbs and seasoning too. The skirt was £1.79, reduced in Tesco's, it's been in the freezer for a couple of weeks, I got it out this morning to defrost.
I bought the pan up to pressure and cooked the beef for about 15 minutes.

Tomorrow I will reheat it whilst I'm cooking the side veg.
This will do for packups for Thursday. If I wanted to stretch it further I'd make some dumplings.

Pasta 10p
Mushrooms 45p
Onion 10p
Milk 12p
Flour & seasoning 10p
Under £1 and served 3/4 easily.
I've not counting the ham as it was left  over from Christmas, sliced and frozen then defrosted and used as our Sunday roast.

Beef skirt £1.79
Mushrooms 45p
Onion 10p
Flour & Seasoning 10p
I will serve this with mashed potato, carrots & cabbage. This will serve four at least, maybe more.

Elaine is back

I'm so glad to see Elaine has returned to blogging, she is down to earth and not at all preachy.

Monday, 16 January 2017

That & this

Susan Foster, thank you, that is very kind of you, I don't need any 5 inch charm squares, I just want some, there is a difference and I must learn that.

I gave all my quilting stash to a lady who quilts for Project Linus, when I emptied my craft room.

I kept a lot of yarn and I was wondering about donating some of my crochet blankets to Project Linus but my local branch only accepts quilts, oh well.

I do so love having a useful son, I phoned him today as my car was making a funny noise, he came to have a look. 'That's the exhaust he said', and then proceeded to tell me exactly what to say to the garage when I take it in.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cushion covers

 Two cushion covers finished apart from the sewing up.
 This one is a wavy stitch.
 This one is V stitch.
This one is a mile a minute, join as you go.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Having an affair

There is a thread on MSE about people cheating on their partners. The original poster seems to be convinced his partners is cheating on him as the Daily Wail ran an article that said 90% of women have thought about cheating.

Because of this and because a previous gf cheated on him, he checks her handbag, mobile and laptop for evidence of her betrayal.

I feel sorry for his wife living under such a cloud of suspicion.

My L&M was cheated on by a previous wife but it hasn't made him distrustful, he trusts me as I trust him.

Today though I have reason to believe that one of us may be having an affair I'm just not sure which one of us it is!

He has been having problems with his mobile phone, every day from Christmas day until 6th January it said it was boxing day. 

On 7th of January it said it was new years day and it still says the same thing.

My phone came up with a reminder today that there is  room booked in a local pub from Thursday until Sunday.

I didn't even know the pub had rooms, I certainly can see no need to stay in a pub 10 minutes away for 4 days, and why would I get a reminder on Friday for something I should have done on Thursday.

I'm totally confused, I've never set foot inside the pub though 12 years ago I did work nearby.

I shall check with my L&M just in case one of his reminders has come up on my phone.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

This and that.

We have snow, but not much and it hasn't pitched. We are in more danger of flooding than snow drifts.

I've sat with the DGC for an hour whilst DD & SIL went to parents evening.

I arrived at work today to find one of out teachers, Mr Randytwat, chatting up a new baby teacher, as I'm a bitch I asked Mr Randytwat how his daughter was getting on at nursery as he tries to give the impression he is single. He isn't, he's married with a toddler!

I did a small shop in Lidl today £18, tinned soup, longlife milk, bread, bockwurst, screenwash and a few other bits and pieces. We could withstand a siege of a month or two if we had to.

I have a yen to make a puff quilt, I keep looking at charm packs, I won't buy any but it's fun to look!